Welcome Message

Dear members of the EGKS Society,

Over the last few months we have taken many steps to organize our annual meeting next November in Bucharest. The situation there has been getting worse and currently quarantine is being announced with closure of all public places and some European countries include Bucharest region in the “red list”. We have found a solution by returning to our origins and organizing an event in Stockholm where there are less restrictions and we have more facilities. Our purpose is that the dates of the event are February 11 to 13, we have looked for these dates so that the largest number of members can attend. The organizer continues to be Dr. Fery Stoica and we intend to review our work approach in these meetings to make our organization more agile and efficient for all.

I ask you all to make an effort to come and discuss our multiple problems.

With my best regards.

Dr. Roberto Martínez, President of EGKS

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